Top Ten List Indonesian Beach


Top Ten List Indonesian Beach
Top Ten List Indonesian Beach, Indonesia is an archipelago with vast ocean areas. Indonesian coastline including the longest in the world . Therefore, Indonesia has many natural attractions such as beaches. The beaches in Indonesia are small choppy because it is squeezed in between the islands surrounding the larger. Meanwhile, coastal tourist attractions in Indonesia are generally facing large choppy seas.

Vacation to the beach attractions in Indonesia can be spent in a way sunbathing on the beach, explore the beauty of the underwater world, surfing the waves were ferocious challenge, snorkeling at the shoreline, or just a leisurely stroll while capturing the image the beautiful sights coast. Before the vacation home, do not forget to buy souvenirs regional specialties. Here is a list of 10 most popular tourist attractions and most beautiful beaches in Indonesia.

1. Kuta Beach in Bali Island
Kuta beach in Bali can be regarded as a tourist beaches because a million people that has worldwide popularity. Kuta Beach is considered as a tourist attraction in Bali is more populist than some other tourist attractions such as the beach in Bali Jimbaran and Nusa Penida. Together with the exotic culture of Bali, Kuta beach is the main attraction of Bali tourism has been recognized by domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

2. Ancol beach in Jakarta
Ancol beach is one of the iconic sights in Jakarta. The beach is a vacation spot for people from diverse economic levels Jakarta. Ancol beach is often used as a popular entertainment center with a low-cost service and festive impression. Variety of art performances held in Ancol beach in Jakarta as supporting tourism. However, travelers can still get an exclusive service for Ancol beach has been equipped facilities that ensure privacy tourist resort travelers.

3. Senggigi beach in Lombok
Lombok Island tourism is not only a phenomenal ascent of Mount Rinjani among backpackers. Tourists can visit the white sands of Senggigi Beach and more environmentally friendly. Senggigi beach in Lombok Island is one among a number of tourist attractions on the island of Lombok such as Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Tanjung Aan . Senggigi Beach tourist attraction is now increasingly popular along with the increasing number of travelers who crossed from Bali to Lombok Island.

4. Tanah Lot in Bali
Bali holiday seemed to not be complete without visiting Tanah Lot. The main attraction of tourism in Bali is a sacred temple that stands on a small island on the edge of the beach. To arrive at the temple of Tanah Lot, tourists have to walk across the shallow beach. There are a number of religious rituals should be done by tourists before you can leisurely stroll in the sacred temple area. Preservation of the natural beauty of Bali and Balinese culture encourage any tourists visiting Tanah Lot.

5 . Klayar beach in Pacitan
If you have been thinking geyser landscape can only be enjoyed in New Zealand , then you should travel on vacation to a place called Beach in Pacitan Klayar. Klayar beach has a major attraction in the form of natural sea water bursts forth from a rock crevice. Tourist attractions in East Java is a mainstay attractions Pacitan . Klayar beach is a tourist spot in Indonesia is increasingly being explored by the backpacker lately .

6. Seven Beaches in One Zone in Jogjakarta
Forget for a moment because Jogjakarta Parangtritis now has a new icon of marine tourism called Seven Beaches in One Zone. Seven tourist attractions in Jogjakarta the beach is the beach Baron, and Ngandong Slili beach, beach Krakal, Kukup beach, beach Sundak, Along the beach, and the beach Drini. The seven beautiful beaches are located in Gunung Kidul . Beach tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is actively promoted by the local government and getting a good response from the tourists.

7. Eight Pantai Indah in Malang
Just as Jogjakarta who rely Seven Beaches in One Zone, Malang regency has a row of beautiful beaches on the coast overlooking the sea off the Indian Ocean. Successive stretching from west to east, where beach tourism in the Malang regency is Ngliyep Beach, Beach Balekambang, Wonogoro Beach, Beach pickpocket Dead, Blue Spring Beach, Beach Lenggosono, Sipelot Beach, and Beach Slippery.

8. Pelabuhan Ratu beach in Sukabumi
Pelabuhan Ratu beach in Sukabumi is a tourist spot that has many functions . Apart from being a holiday exploring the natural beauty of the surrounding beaches, beaches in the Pelabuhan Ratu bay is also a religious tourism destination. Most tourists to Pelabuhan Ratu Beach to treat their curiosity to the hotel room is believed to be the meeting place with the magical figure Nyai Roro Kidul. Tourist places in West Java also has beautiful natural scenery with some unique rock formations.

9. Iboih beach in Pulau Weh
Iboih beach in Pulau Weh is one of the tourist attractions in Aceh that promises peace for every tourist who visit it. Iboih beach has stunning coastal scenery. Aceh was a tourist attraction in leisure facilities in the form of bungalows facing the sea and traditional Acehnese food restaurant. Tourists visiting Iboih beach to swim in the clear sea water and explore the beauty of the marine world. Hospitality of the villagers Iboih would welcome any tourist visit in Pulau Weh this.

10. Lagoi beach in Bintan Island
Lagoi beach is a tourist spot on the island of Bintan for them millionaires. Hotel and restaurant services in Lagoi Beach using international standards and Singapore Dollars. As a reward behind it, every tourist can enjoy the privacy of a comfortable holiday. Attractions in the Riau Islands (Riau Islands) has a beautiful natural scenery dusk. Many foreign tourists to visit due Lagoi Beach stunning natural scenery. Lagoi beach beauty is said to beat the exotic island of Bali.
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