Karimunjawa National Park, Nice Beach Nice Dive Site.


  Karimunjawa islands is an archipelago located in the Java Sea and are included in the district of Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Karimunjawa Islands has a land area of ± 1,500 ± acres with 110,000 acres of water area. Currently Karimunjawa Islands developed into a tourist charm Marine Park which is known as the Marine National Park Karimunjawa. Karimunjawa main dock is located on the island area of 4302.5 hectares, making it the first place to be visited by every person who comes.
The island is also the site of most of the people live so that existing facilities are relatively better equipped than the other islands. Homestay and hotels are more scattered to make most travelers choose this island as their home base, a place to go home and rest after spending the day snorkeling and exploring the small islands of the exotic. Many are not aware that Karimun Island also holds the potential of extraordinary beauty.
First set foot, instantly fascinated with crystal clear sea water at the dock and dozens of small fish that swim in it. Although small, this dock looks clean and tidy. A tourist information office stands in the center of the port complex. Tricycles, motorcycles, and pick up some cars are ready to be open to the homestay transportation or lodging. The intimate atmosphere of a small village so pronounced. Row houses flanking the narrow streets. Small smile and friendly hello as residents welcome anyone with a distinctive and homely familiarity.
Rows of green mountains standing firm in the center of the island. A lowland tropical rain forest, the mountains are the habitat of deer, dozens of bird species, long-tailed monkeys, and various other types of animals.
Publications square that is near the sea became the main venue for the citizens beranjangsana, sitting under a tree Walnuts while talking or watching the kids play football and cycling. Some distance to the west, there is a fishing pier. Sitting relaxed on a boat moored while enjoying the calm sea that stretches in front feels very calm.
At nightfall, square back into the center of people's lives. Various stalls which sell unique culinary Karimunjawa filled by locals and also the tourists. Stopped at a souvenir shop complex alternative to hunting for souvenirs. Various key chains, bracelets and Kalimasada Stigi wood, t-shirts, to salted fish and dried seaweed sold here. Want to try something different? Fishing pier offers an unforgettable experience, sitting on a boat while enjoying a peaceful night and staring at thousands of twinkling stars.

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