"Karapan Sapi" Cow Championship Indonesia, Prestigious Event in Madura

Cow Race Championship in Madura. As well known as Sate Madura and the salts, Madura Island have many cultures that are still preserved. One is the tradition "Karapan Sapi" race is a term given to the cow race. Karapan cattle had existed prior to the fifteenth century AD.

At this race, a pair of cow kind which attracted of wooden trains (where the jockey standing and controlling the cow pair)  driven in the race to race against other pairs of cattle. Race tracks are usually about 100 yards and races can last about ten to fifteen seconds.

"Karapan Sapi" is a prestigious event for the people of Madura, karapan cattle owners will feel uplifted when the social status of the cow can be a champion. Ruminant animals is also used as an investment tool than gold and money.

Championship starting from district level proceed to the district level and forwarded to the Karisidenan level. Several cities in Madura held Karapan Sapi in August and September each year, with the final in late September or October in the city to compete for the trophy Pamekasan President.

Kerapan Sapi preceded by pairs of cow paraded around the track with gamelan accompaniment saronen called Madura. It's really fun, especially the music of the sound mix seronen feature drums, trumpets, and gongs accompanied the dance of the players. The musicians seronen is deliberately hired by the owners of cattle. Especially to encourage members of the contingent and their cows before karapan begins. Hadi Pramoko
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