Indonesian Yogurt, Dadiah or Dadih, Minangkabau, Indonesia.

Indonesian Yogurt From Minangkabau Indonesia.
Dadiah is traditional yogurt  of Minangkabau, made from buffalo milk. In terms of language, the word "dadiah" has similarities with dudh, the language of ethnic Sindhi (India and Pakistan). Meanwhile, the Persian habit of consuming milk fermented with red onion and cucumber, similar to the custom of eating dadiah by Minangkabau people in old days.

The curd is fermented in the place of bamboo covered with banana leaves, Or leaf hibiscus which has withered on the fire. The fermentation process carried out at room temperature until clotting and lasted about 2 to 3 days.

Dadiah usually consumed for breakfast, mixed with chips (a type of rice crackers) and brown sugar (gula merah).  Dadiah can also be used as a side dish accompanying rice.

From some research it is known that both the curd containing lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus casei) potential as probiotics. The lactic acid in the buttermilk role in the formation of the texture and flavor. Lactic acid bacteria and its derivatives are able to prevent the spread of various diseases such as preventing enteric bacterial pathogens, lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, preventing colon cancer, anti-mutagen, anti-carcinogenic, and increase endurance. In addition, dadiah thought to be effective as antivaginitis

Nutrient content in dadiah

ü moisture content (84.35%),
ü protein (5.93%),
ü fat (5.42%),
ü carbohydrate (3.34%).
ü The level of acidity (pH) dadiah is 3.4. In the dadiah have been isolated and identified 36 strains of lactic acid forming bacteria
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