Raja Ampat, The beauty Indonesian Largest Marine Park


Raja Ampat, The beauty Indonesian Largest Marine Park
The beauty charm possessed Raja Ampat is second to none. It can be seen when I come to it. I could see the beauty of the coral reef without having to dive

Coral reefs in the sea Raja Ampat considered comprehensive in the world. Of the world's 537 coral species, 75 percent were in these waters, are also found 1104 species of fish, 669 species of molluscs (soft animals), and 537 species of coral animals. With these data, it is evident that the natural beauty of Raja Ampat is a totally natural ranging from coral reefs to the beaches.

Raja Ampat is the fraction of Sorong regency since 2003. District has a population of 31 thousand inhabitants has 610 islands (only 35 islands are inhabited) with an area of ??approximately 46 000 square kilometers, but only 6,000 square kilometers of land, and 40,000 square kilometers of ocean. The islands are unspoiled and beautiful sea is still making direct tourists hooked.

The archipelago is located in northwestern New Guinea bird's head, with approximately 1500 small islands and atolls, as well as the big four major islands, namely Misol, Salawati, Bantata, and Waigeo. This then makes the Raja Ampat's largest marine park in Indonesia.

Around the island is desired, we can hire a speedboat with a capacity of 10 people at a price of Rp3-5 million per eight hours, depending on your bargaining skill. You can also take a tour package to visit the village to see the typical local plants and animals such as cendrawasih birds.

To go to the Raja Ampat, each person must pay an entrance fee of Rp 250 thousand for domestic tourists and Rp.500 thousand foreign tourists.

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