Mangroves Forest in Bali Indonesia


Mangroves are tropical plants that grow communities and tidal areas along the coastline (such as beach, lagoon estuary (north edge of the lake) and riverside) which are affected by tides.

Mangrove forests in addition to playing an important role and has a diverse general functions such as protecting the coast from the high waves, strong winds and erosion, also has an important role in the development of tourism, especially ecotourism.

Mangrove Ecotourism located on Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai Airport, South Denpasar District, a distance of approximately 20 minutes south of downtown Denpasar. Ecotourism is often visited by tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. One of the major facilities in this area is a wooden bridge that crosses the mangrove forest with a length of ± 1850 m.

This bridge is used for tourists to enjoy the environment around the mangrove forest. Some other activities that can be enjoyed such as canoing / rafting throughout the region, birdwatching and other ecotourism activities
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