Most Impressive Annual Event Reog Ponorogo, East Java Indonesia

You Know about Reog Ponorogo ? - Reog ponorogo is an art that comes from Ponorogo Region, east Java. The existence only appear on the show and celebration of religious holidays. Ponorogo identical with Reog. Reog beginning was historically created by ki Ageng.

To satirize Bhre Kertabumi, Majapahit king. are afraid and are subject to the concubines. There are also connecting their origin linked with the Panji story, the marriage between the son of the royal Jenggala and daughter from kendiri. Reog eventually become so traditional art that still survive until today in ponorogo. Extends even to foreign countries.

The progress of reog current day also experiencing growth, especially in the order of music and dance. Example, kenong only used one only once, but now wears two kenong. Developing any gamelan accompaniment. and thus named as reog style potrojayan style.

Warok Ponorogo can not escape from reog ponorogo because the create ??reog ponorogo formerly is warok.  Did you know that warok what? Warok is someone who has a lot wewarah. and reog can not escape from warok. Both closely related to each other. and to be a very heavy because warok requirement was very heavy. and a warok must be beneficial to anyone.

Reog Festival usually always visited by foreign tourists. and make more shocked many who recorded it for the memories recalled because it is very impressive event. For Ponorogo people may look ordinary but actually reog when the show started almost 80% reog ponorogo people flocked to the plaza square to see the annual event.

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