Great Composer Challenged New Ground Tomita Isao Hatsune Miku

New ground Tomita Isao great composer challenged Hatsune Miku also "Ihatov symphony"

2013.2.13 15:38 (1/2 page) [Live Concert]

The Isao Tomita (80) that to the world composer, is also a synthesizer artist. With in this age still is showing a new frontier is also a great composer elated. From longing to Miyazawa Kenji work, "Ihatov Symphony" (released January 23) that was fruiting world full of the sense of color is the it.

Symphony to draw in the beginning like conjure idyllic landscape of Japan, the warmth of the home consists of seven songs. Title of work Miyazawa familiar "Saburo also of the Wind" and "Night on the Galactic Railroad" is on each.

November 23 last year, the symphony was released premiere at the Tokyo Opera City is live recording, a new frontier of Tomita, appear in the "Restaurant of Many Orders" Track 3. Was adopted is Tomita who is also a founder in the presence of the electronic music in Japan, Hatsune Miku virtual singer. Is taken into song this voice using speech synthesis system Yamaha "Vocaloid 2", and is fused to the world of classical music.

The stage of the premiere, along with the choir and orchestra as many as 300 people, Hatsune Miku appeared. The pull off beautifully, a challenge to say this virtual singer and sing along to and conducting orchestra, and drew large cheers from the crowd. Even listening to music in the CD, and it finished with no discomfort really. It is a story that can not be without the evolution of technology of course, but it would be nice to say that the stage that could not have without losing enthusiasm of team performance and Tomita.
And, as a composer just for him this world Tomita drew as synthesizer artist, was "Ihatov = utopia".
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