Beach List and Travel List In Bintan And Batam Island

Beach List and Travel List In Bintan And Batam Island - Bintan and Batam are two main areas in Riau Islands province ( Riau ) which are frequently visited by tourists. Batam city in Batam Island has been known as a shopping paradise where branded goods at affordable prices. While Bintan Island with its Tanjung Pinang is the capital of Riau Islands province that holds a lot of cultural historical sights. Bintan and Batam, Riau Islands become the center of tourism development in addition to other islands such as Lingkap Island, Island Singkep, Jemaja Island, Karimun Island, and others.

In a review article earlier sights, we've discussed the Malay cultural tourism in the city of Tanjung Pinang unique. Then we 've also tasted delicious culinary Tanjung Pinang in Malay. On this occasion we will discuss a list of tourist attractions on the island of Bintan and Batam Island tourist attractions in the beautiful. Are tourists can find a beautiful beach tourism in Batam Island is crowded is it? So, what beach travelers can visit during their vacation to the island of Bintan?

Lagoi beach in Bintan Island

Transport & Accommodation in Batam and Bintan

The main thing most travelers complained when they were on vacation to a tourist attraction on the island of Bintan and Batam Island is a transportation problem. Travelers will not be easy to find public transportation that is able to reach all the tourist attractions there. An easy way around the holiday resorts in Bintan is by renting a car or motorbike.

Rates rent a car in Bintan around Rp.300.000,- per day. While the cost of renting motorcycles in Bintan around Rp.100.000,- If you are on holiday with a group of fellow travelers, the better you can rent a car for expenditure savings. In addition, you are also free to determine the list of sites to be visited and duration of visit when traveling by way of renting a vehicle.

Furthermore, crossing the sea from the island of Batam to Bintan Island and vice versa can be done with two options, namely the speed boat ride and ferry. When on the island of Batam to Bintan Island Lobam you ride a speed boat, then the cost is Rp.35.000,- with long travel 15 minutes. Meanwhile, when travelers choose to take the ferry, so they cost less, which is Rp.26,000,- but it takes more time, which is 1 hour.

Batam Island neighborhood already provides various supporting facilities of tourism businesses. Travelers will have trouble finding a cheap hotel in Batam. But not to the needs of the inn and cheap hotel in Bintan Island. Travelers do not need to worry because there are already cheap lodgings in Lobam which cost Rp.100.000,- per day. The place is expensive lodging in Bintan Island are generally only found in Lagoi Beach alone.

Mosque of Sultan Riau on the island of Biting - Tourist Places in Tanjung Pinang

List of Tourist Places in Bintan

In addition to cultural historical sights, Bintan Island also offers one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Indonesia in the form of beach. Here are some of the tourist attractions around the island of Bintan are attractive for tourists to visit.

1. Sakera Beach
Sakera Beach

Sakera beach is not far from Lobam. Tourist attractions in the Riau Islands province has a nice beach natural scenery. For those of you who love traveling on the coastal area activities, beach Sakera could be the first sights you will visit once set foot on the island of Bintan. But unfortunately, because of the location close to the harbor beach Sakera the cleanliness of the beach lately Sakera less intact.
2. Trikora Beach

TRIKORA beach is not far from the town of Tanjung Pinang. The travel time from Tanjung Pinang to TRIKORA Beach approximately one hour. Beach resorts in Bintan Island presents the stunning coastal scenery. Pictures of the best tourist spots produced when the moment of sunset and sunrise. Because of its beauty anyway, TRIKORA Beach provides a variety of resorts and holiday cottages with varying prices.

3. Lagoi beach
Sakera Beach
It could be said that the beach is a miniature state Lagoi Singapore is located on the island of Bintan. Why say so? Due to rent a hotel room rates and travel services in Lagoi Beach using Singapore Dollars. Price expensive services Lagoi Coast is comparable to the beauty offered. Panoramic beach in Bintan Island is on par with the beauty of the island.

4. Biting Island

Biting Island is one of the historical sights of Malay culture which is not far from the town of Tanjung Pinang. The cost of crossing the island to Tanjung Pinang Biting is Rp.5.000,- Travelers who visit the tiny island in the Riau Islands province to surround the area of ​​the island by foot only . Biting on the island are tourism Sultan Riau Mosque, Tomb of Raja Ali Haji, Princess shaft, and Fort Hill Chair.

Figure 6 Fruit Barelang Bridge That Links Batam Island - Rempang - Galang

List of Tourist Places in Batam Island

After review of several attractions in Bintan Island, we now proceed to discuss a number of tourist attractions on the island of Batam . Batam Island is a tourist attraction not only tourist spending alone . Batam Island has some lovely beaches that are dear to you miss. Here's the list.

1. Nongsa Beach

People Nongsa Beach is not far from the area of ​​Nagoya, Batam city centers. To reach the tourist attractions in this island, tourists can use public transport Houses - Nongsa majors. The beach in this island presents a beautiful coastal scenery on the sidelines of progress Batam Island with modern life.

2. bridges Barelang

Barelang bridge is a bridge that connects the land area of Batam Island, Rempang Island and Galang Island. Barelang Bridge is one of the tourist icons of Batam Island, as well as Suramadu bridge linking Surabaya in Java and Madura Island Bangkalan City. The attraction Barelang Bridge is no less interesting than the Ampera bridge crossing over the Musi River in Palembang, South Sumatra.

3. Melur Beach

Melur Beach is located on the outskirts of Batam Island and a bit away from the center of Batam. Beautiful beaches in this island can only be accessed by travelers using private vehicles. Not available public vehicle access to the beach Melur. Therefore, it is highly recommended for every backpacker and tourists to rent a  motor vehicle or a car since the early arrival of their vacation on the island of Batam.

In addition to the streets to natural attractions, flights to Batam course is spent by way of electronic appliances shop. And this is one of the main reasons why a lot of tourists from Indonesia who decided to go to Batam. In addition to vacation destinations, they all buy electronic goods at a low price in shopping centers Batam Island.

Traveling to the tourist attractions on the island of Bintan was felt not be complete without sampling our culinary tour there. Try to visit the Malay Square which became traditional Malay hawker center in Tanjung Pinang. This culinary tour similar to Semarang Simpang Lima pampering every visitor with typical local dishes.

Are you interested in a leisurely walk to the tourist attractions in the Riau Islands? Wait no more, come on vacation to a tourist spot on the island of Bintan and Batam Island!
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