10 Favorite Tourism Places in Indonesia

Favorite Tourism Places in Indonesia
Puramoz Shared - 10 Favorite Tourism Places in Indonesia

Indonesia lies very broad nature , from Sabang to Merauke , with a wealth of diverse cultures, customs and uniqueness of endangered species . Tourist places in Indonesia also advanced along with the more easily enter the area every citizen of the world other countries . This article will describe 10 favorite tourist spot in Indonesia for the holidays . Whichever favorite tourist spot in Indonesia ?
Let see 10 Favorite Tourism Places in Indonesia.

Bali Island - The World's Most Beautiful Places Travel in Indonesia Existing

Bali Island - The World's Most Beautiful Places Travel in Indonesia Existing

1 . Bali Island

It is unquestionable that the icon of Indonesian tourism is still held by the island of Bali . Bali tourism plays an important role for the economic growth of the island community . Every inch of ground in Bali seemed no escape from the exploration of the backpacker and traveler . Call it the Kuta Beach , Nusa Dua Beach , Jimbaran Beach , Tampaksiring , Puri Agung Ubud , Lake Batur , Besakih Puri , and others. This small island is well-known as one of the most beautiful sights in the world .

2 . Tanjung Pinang

Tanjung Pinang is a tourist place in Indonesia, the right to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Malay culture which seemed twisted activities of local residents . Tourists visiting Tanjung Pinang can find all kinds of tourist attraction . Ranging from culinary tour delicious bark , historical Malay kingdoms , marine tourism beautiful beaches , and even shopping tour branded items at affordable prices .

3 . Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia as well as the center of economic growth in the country . Variety of tourist attractions in Jakarta welcomes the arrival of the tourists who come . You can get all kinds of tours in Jakarta . Ranging from cultural tour Taman Mini Indonesia Indah , tour the history of Lubang Buaya , marine tourism Taman Impian Jaya Ancol , until the night in a lot of tourist spots and malls in Jakarta .

4 . Yogyakarta

If the area of ​​Central Indonesia has Bali , the island of Java has Yogyakarta . Yogyakarta is a special region in Indonesia because it was ruled by a Sultan or King until today . Historical and cultural sights to be the main attraction of a holiday visit to Yogyakarta . List of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that you should go , among others : Keraton Yogyakarta , Jalan Malioboro , Jogja Kembali Museum , Parang Beach Tritis , Prambanan , and others.

5 . Manado

Manado city located in the province of North Sulawesi . Tourism is the mainstay of the city of Manado Bunaken Island National Park with coral reefs . In addition to diving in Bunaken Island , you can also visit Lake Tondano in the southern city of Manado . When the time is right , visitors can witness the excitement of the Festival Tomohon - Tondano decorated with beautiful flowers , cultural parades , craft fairs communities , and others.

6 . poor

Malang is a city in East Java which is located in the mountainous region . Geographical conditions of mountainous terrain led to Malang into a natural holiday fun with family . Mount Bromo , Gunung Kawi , Blue Spring Beach , Island Sempu , and Reservoir Sutami are several attractions in Malang beautiful . Before reaching the city of Malang , a time to stop by the City of Rock with a variety of outdoor recreation are beautiful and fascinating .

7 . Palembang

In the past , Palembang, Sriwijaya Kingdom government at the center . Remnants of the glory of Srivijaya still we can meet in Palembang until now . Palembang city have the Musi River which divides the city into two parts . On top of the Musi River bridge shall stand phenomenal . You can enjoy the thrill of the evening atmosphere of the city of Palembang on the boat people while enjoying the culinary empek - empek submarine typical Palembang .

8 . Lombok Island

Natural conditions that tend to Lombok Island hot throughout the year turned out to save a marvelous tourist potential . You can make the climb to Mount Rinjani and see the beauty of the lake three colors Kelimutu Lake . Not quite got there , Lombok Island also has a white sandy Kuta Beach tub pepper . Vacation to the island of Lombok will show you how natural eastern Indonesia very rich cultural potential .

Beach beauty of Komodo Island - Travel Adventure Komodo Island and Rinca Island

Beach beauty of Komodo Island - Travel Adventure Komodo Island and Rinca Island

9 . Tenggarong

Tenggarong a diamond gold mining town located in the province of East Kalimantan and growing rapidly since the era of regional autonomy . In the Mahakam River flows Tenggarong city with various types of natural attractions offer interesting . Kutai Indigenous Cultural Festival is held every year and always drawing attention wisatawa world .

10 . Komodo Island

Komodo Island is one of the Seven Wonders of the World tour . Together Rinca Island , Komodo Island is home to the endangered Komodo dragon natural . Vacation to Komodo Island will bring you adventure ala Jurassic Park with wildlife. The ranger and tourists can look closely at how these ancient animals live and breed in the hot climates of East Nusa Tenggara province .
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