Top 6 Unique and Favorite Festival in Indonesia


Unique and Favorite Festival in Indonesia
Puramoz Shared - Top 6 Unique and Favorite Festival in Indonesia. Indonesia is often referred to as the giant of Southeast Asia, and rightly so. With more than 18,000 islands in this archipelago, there is an amazing diversity that can see and do when visiting this country.

Modernization continues to sweep Jakarta which offers a typical metropolitan, while tourism in Bali continues to rise as promising as the obstacles they experienced. On the other hand, the mountains Bromo and Borobudur continue to transform itself, suitable for those looking for a natural local attractions. Tourists can enjoy the charm of about 6,000 inhabited islands in Indonesia.
Not surprisingly, Indonesia offers a variety of unique festivals as the country's indigenous cultures, which reflect a variety of races and traditions in different parts of the archipelago. You 'll find this diversity in a list of 6 Unique and Favorite Festival in Indonesia, ranging from the celebration of art, batik, dance and ceremony. If there is a chance , please participate by following you and witness one of the festivals in Indonesia !

1. Krakatau Festival Krakatau Festival is an annual festival held in Lampung , the festival is held to commemorate the eruption of the same name, Krakatoa. The volcano erupted in 1927, and resulted in the formation of new small islands, named Anak Krakatau.
During the festival, visitors can enjoy a variety of performances such as Tuping Carnival (Carnival Mask Lampung), elephant show, as well as a variety of dances from Lampung and surrounding towns. This event is the culmination of the tour to the volcanic island itself, which is still active but the active phase of sleep for now!

2. Bali Arts Festival (Bali Arts Festival) A celebration of arts and culture in Indonesia is the largest annual Bali Arts Festival (Bali arts festival) which is always crowded with spectators. This event is held every day of the month- filled performances, art exhibitions and related cultural activities. Performers from all over Bali came to present dance, music and other performing arts.
This exciting event features performances such as dances are rarely exposed villages, art from remote places in Bali, food, weaving and craft items, new creations from Denpasar school dance and choreography, as well as contemporary art from national and international artists.

3. Solo Batik Carnival (Solo Batik Carnival) From the first, batik tradition has very strong roots in Solo. Cities in Central Java is even using batik as an icon and identity, reflecting a royal city known for its beauty and mannered attitude. Solo Batik Carnival (solo baaatik carnival) held to reinforce this tradition, and even further to promote batik on national and international scale.
This event is a combination of ceremonies, fashion shows and carnivals, all using batik as a common theme. Also opened a bazaar that offers a variety of products and souvenirs unique batik from Solo to browse and buy.

4. Solo International Ethnic Music Festival (Solo International Ethnic Music) Another event that was held in Solo is the Solo International Ethnic Music Festival, which focuses on the performances and the performances of ethnic music. This event is a unique event for collaboration between ethnic music and modern music, as well as collaboration between local and international artists. The long list of participants who took part including artists from all over the archipelago, such as the Minang, Riau, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Papua, Kalimantan, and even from foreign countries such as from Japan, Australia, India, New Zealand and many others.

5. Gerebeg MuludIn the Java language, "gerebeg" meaning" crowd" and Mulud refers to one month in the Javanese calendar. This event, which is also known as Sekaten, is the birthday celebration event Prophet Muhammad . This is a full day procession by issuing two sacred gamelan (Javanese musical instruments) are brought to the Grand Mosque.
On the night of his people's market will be held on the north side of the city which adds to the splendor of this event, this location is a great place to try different foods Java and Yogyakarta and typical souvenir hunting.

6. Baliem Valley FestivalUnique festival in Papua is rooted in a culture that is held by local tribes who believe the war is not just a power struggle and conflict of interest, but also a symbol of fertility and prosperity. However, since 20 years ago, the local government sought peace between the warring tribes to prevent resentment and loss of life. So Baliem Festival is an event held to replace the war between tribes.
As you can guess, the main event is the "shadow war" between the local tribes. Imagine, more than 20 different tribes each with 30 to 50 people wearing traditional clothes, spears, bows, arrows and machetes come together! There are also performances and other attractions, such as local traditional games, dance performances, as well as enjoying the local cuisine.
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