Banyuwangi Batik Festival

Banyuwangi Batik Festival
Banyuwangi Batik Festival is one Festival activities held Government batik Banyuwangi regency, East Java, September 26 to 28, 2013, is expected to encourage the advancement of the creative industries in the local area, particularly those working in the field of clothing.
Banyuwangi regent Abdullah Anas Anwar told reporters in Banyuwangi, on Sunday, said that the festival is a vehicle for preserving cultural heritage while fostering business stretching the batik artisans.
Banyuwangi Batik Festival "Through batik festival, we want to bring batik enthusiasts, designers or designer, the national clothing industry, and tourists to explore the wealth on Earth Blambangan batik (call for Banyuwangi ), "he said.
Batik festival is one of a series of Banyuwangi Festival 2013 program, which was started in early September and opened with a parade of ethnic culture "Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival" .
At the festival, will be held a variety of batik themed events, ranging from exhibitions, parades or fashion, batik design competition to copyright batik coloring contest which followed more than 3,000 participants.
Anas Anwar said that there are currently at least 22 motifs typical batik Banyuwangi, a lot of the theme of nature, such as elephants uling, kale setingkes, looks stocky, pedestal kobong, coffee breaks, moto Pitik, sekar universe, eagle and bird of paradise.
"Each motif batik philosophy and it has its own story to make batik as a fashion element rich with history and philosophy, "added Regent.
The highlight of the festival will be held a fashion parade competition typical Banyuwangi batik fashion show on September 28 at the House of Arts and Culture (Gesibu) Banyuwangi, followed by at least 100 mannequin and peragawan.
Anas said that the batik festival as a stimulus to excite the creative industries , particularly in the area of ​​the fashion industry, because there are a number of designers , industry players and observers of the present national batik.
"We connect local batik artisans with the national fashion industry so that this batik festival will be an important marker for the future of the batik industry in Banyuwangi. Clothes including batik industry is part of the creative industries sector, which today is growing rapidly, "he said.
In 2012, the national creative industries accounted for about 7 percent or Rp574 trillion of gross domestic product and holds 11.8 million workers by the number of businesses reached 5.4 million units. Of that amount , fashion industries contribute Rp164 trillion and absorb the 3.8 million workers.
According to Anas, there are three forces that should be encouraged in the development of creative industries in the region, including batik, namely the ability to "branding" (brand management), packaging, and product design.
"Through this festival, from Banyuwangi batik brand was introduced by way of unique promotions and good packaging, and accompanied the product design continues to be developed without leaving a wealth of local culture , "he said about Banyuwangi Batik Festival.
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