Wonderfull Indonesia, Singosari Temple in Malang

Singosari temple One of the historical attractions are owned in Malang, located in the Candirenggo village, Singosari District, Malang Regency, Indonesia.

First discovered in 18th century, this temple called the Tower Temple by the Dutch. An archaeologist from Europe called Cella Temple, because this temple has four openings in the walls. Communities around this temple was called the Dome Temple. But in the end of this temple is known as the Singosari Temple until now.

The uniqueness of this temple lies in the way Singosari the manufacture, stockpiling andesite to a certain height, then forwarded to carve this rock from top to bottom. The temple has a square shape is a historical legacy that is a mixture of Siwa-Budha. This is evidenced by the several statues of gods / goddesses in the courtyard of the temple that most are no longer intact.

Inside the temple, there are phallus and yoni. Singosari temple has many carvings, statues, and reliefs. In the west of the temple are two statues guarding the complex Dwarapala kingdom. But unfortunately majority of statues found in Singosari Temple is located at the Royal Tropical Institute, Leiden, The Netherlands. by; puramoz

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