Simpang Lima Gumul Kediri, Indonesian Arc De Triomphe

Simpang Lima Gumul monument is one of the new icons of the local attractions in kediri. Located at the intersection of the south to the Wates / boarding school, East to Gurah - North to the ceiling - the northeast to the Pare - and directions to the West to the city of Kediri. The initial purpose built Simpang Lima Gumul (SLG) is a new economic center in the district of Kediri. So expect more Kediri economy forward.

As an icon in the wake of a monument similar to L'Arch de Triomphe Paris. Some People called Simpang Lima kediri Gumul as Kediri Kaaba.

Construction of the monument was initiated since 2003. The inisiator Is Kediri Regent current, Sutrisno. This monument is precisely located in the Tugu Rejo Village, District Ngasem. Some people say the monument was inspired by "Jongko Jojoboyo" King of Kediri XII century who wanted to unite the five areas in Karachi.

Physically, this Gumul Simpang Lima area monument of ??804 square meters with the building height to 25 feet and riveted three steps as high as 3 meters from the ground floor. These figures illustrate the date, month, year, anniversary Kediri, namely March 25 804 AD. On the four sides of the monument there are statues of Ganesha, a symbol of kediri district.

Karachi Government usually held the week of arts and culture, exhibit a superior product Kediri at this Indonesian L'Arch de Triomphe.

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