Contoh Penulisan Penelitian Terdahulu Bahasa Inggris

Penulisan Penelitian Terdahulu Bahasa Inggris
Contoh Penulisan Penelitian Terdahulu Bahasa Inggris - The first previous study that is used by the writer is Overcoming Women’s Subordinate in the Iglo African Culture and in the Catholic Church: Envisioning an Insclusive Theology with Reference to Women by Rose Uchem (2001) from Philosophy In Theological Studies, Theological Foundation Indiana. In her study, she analyzes not only the evidences of the women’s subordinate but also mentions the effects of its applications in the society. Discrimination does not only end in the function division, but also negative effects of it. Women become easier to be unawared,  insulted, or even underestimated. The important thing of his writing is the point of view. She observes the women’s subordinate from religious point of view.
The second previous study is “Strereotyping of Women in Television Advertisement” by Vaishali Shrikhande (2003) The Manship School of Mass Communication, Lousiana State University. In her study, she observes about the realtion between the advertisement, feminisim, and women’s subordinate. She sees advertisement as a media of women’s exploration because that media has dealt with the potrayal of women in all forms and categories, follow as:
1.      Women potrayed at home and with family
2.      Women and occupation
3.      Women and their age
4.      Women and their physical appearance or attire
5.      Women as product representative or as product users
6.      Women and stance
The conclusion of  her exlpanation above is actually effect of women’s subordinate is not only stop in division but exlporation too.

From those previous studies, the writer tries to improve the research about the forms of women’s subordinate potrayed in the novel, in this case writer uses A Little Princess novel as the object of the analysis. The writer uses different object of analysis, since the objects of two previous studies are opinion column of Theology and Advertisement. The first study sees women’s subordinate in the theology or we can say it as religious point of view. Then, in the second previous study, she sees the women’s subordinate from the advertisement making. Those previous studies give much input in conducting the research because they have the same topic so that the writer will be able to improve the research about women’s subordinate manifestations, especially in the novel. 
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