Benel Dam, Jembrana Bali, Indonesia

Initially Benel dam pure construction for agricultural purposes, where the farmers around the dam so that water shortages are now often interrupted his harvest. Benel dam was then constructed with the primary function as a means of irrigation for the people of the region Jembrana. However, because of the location here have views of beautiful natural scenery and the idea to commercialize the region emerged.

Conditions are close to the protected forest reinforces this dam to the area later to be tour productive. Air around the dam is very cool because it's located in the mountains and surrounded by large trees.

Below the dam there is also a wide field that is so beautiful with terraces. It is suitable for you tourists who feel very bored with life in the city is so crowded and a lot of pollution. So if you have free time, time to travel to Benel Dam, Jembrana, Bali. Benel a somewhat large dams can also be used for freshwater fisheries. A variety of freshwater fish such as tilapia fish, fish cork, and other freshwater fish found in this dam. So it is very suitable for tourists who enjoy your hobby or fishing in the dam Benel distribute this hobby.

Area around the Benel dam there are also several restaurants that can be visited when the stomach was growling. One restaurant Madina is located on Jl. Udayana (Gilimanuk-Denpasar). A hotel also allow you to spend the night, the Jimbarwana Hotel is located at Jl. Udayana 2.


Benel dam is located in the Mekar Sari hamlet, Manistutu Village , Melaya District, Jembrana, Bali, Indonesia.

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