Balekambang Beach, Malang East Java, Indonesia

Puramoz, Balekambang beach, is one of the attractions at the beach can be visited in Malang. This beach is located in Bantur district, 65 Km south of the city of Malang. Balekambang beach with beautiful stretches where there are coral reefs along the 2 km and has a width of 200 meters to the sea.

There are three islands closest to the beach, the island Ismoyo, Island  Anoman and Island Wisanggeni. Just above the island Ismoyo, there is a magnificent temple called Pura Luhur Amertha Teak, and a bridge connecting it through the main beach Balekambang.

In the month of Suro, Balekambang beach will be more crowded than usual because the ceremony will be held Surohan and Jalanidha Puja ceremony.

To reach the beach Balekambang, get through districts and subdistricts Gondanglegi Bantur, proceed to the village or through sub Kepanjen Srigono, which can all be accessed using a private vehicle, either car or motorcycle.

pic ; road at balekambang

Pic : balekambang beach sands

Pic : Island at balekambang beach

Pic: brigde to one of balekambang beach

Pic : pura at balekambang beach

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