A Big Indonesian Festivals in May

A Big Indonesian Festivals in May - Confused choosing vacation spots in this may? Just come to the 3 big festivals here in Indonesia to be held just in the month of May.

Almost every month and every year, the big event of national and international standards was held in Indonesia. In may, a big event will be held in various regions in Indonesia. Curious? Here's 3 major events in may, such as detikTravel, closed Monday (23/4/2012) that could become an alternative to your next tour.

1. Festival, North Maluku Jailolo Bay

The first Festival held in the month of May is the Festival of Jailolo Bay in West Halmahera, North Maluku. This Festival is a festival which is quite nearly the entire community was eagerly awaited, and the inhabitants of Maluku Indonesia of course.

From the official site, Festival Bay of Jailolo 2012 will be held for 6 days, from 14-19 may 2012. A series of exciting events ready to entertain the tourists who come to see the purpose of this annual festival. Some interesting event it was fun diving, cultural arts, rituals, and of course Cabaret on The Sea. The latter is the ultimate event and are always eagerly anticipated community Jailolo nor tourists coming. Yes, the Cabaret on The Sea is a cabaret show that is played above the sea, usually tells the story of the triumph of the herb on Earth of Maluku. Curious?

2. Cultural Festival Mulang Issen, Central Kalimantan

Well, he's a regular festival held the provincial Government of East Kalimantan, Issen Festival Mulang. Issen Mulang is one of the mandatory agenda in Central Kalimantan. This year, the Festival will be held on Mulang Issen on 19-22 may 2012 and will be followed by the 13 counties and cities in Kalteng.
Issen Mullen Festival
The Festival will be held at the Convention Center Expo Jl Tumenggung Tilung Tour and the Mandala, Palangkaraya it displays of culture and tourism of Borneo. The March of culture will also be coloring this exciting festival. In addition to the March, visitors who come also witnessed action luwesnya community game in playing typical Kalteng Dayak tribe, such as football (soccer) sawut, and blowguns, darts game blown from a bamboo stem.

3. Tourist Archipelago Gebyar 2012, DKI Jakarta

The last major event to be held in the month of May is the Festival of Gebyar Tour the archipelago. The Festival is ready to held twice, namely on 24-27 May 2012 and may 31-June 3, 2012. Arguably, the archipelago is the Tourism exhibition Gebyar sights Indonesia's largest and most comprehensive.
Tourist Archipelago Gebyar
The exhibition of the plan held in Hall B, Jakarta Convention Center was attended by dozens of participants who come from Tourism & culture, travel agencies, manufacturers of Merchandise, and of course places and tourist destinations in Indonesia. Your perplexed to determine tourist destinations for vacations later, it felt right to come here. Archipelago Tour Gebyar provides information on tourism, ranging from maritime tourism, water, nature, agro, culinary and culture. So if you are a lover of sightseeing, be sure not to miss this great exhibition.
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