Top 8 Most Beautiful Diving Locations in Indonesia


Most Beautiful Diving Locations in Indonesia
Puramoz Shared - Top 8 Most Beautiful Diving Locations in Indonesia. More than 5 million square feet of water surrounding the archipelago of Indonesia. Undoubtedly, a large marine Indonesia is home to thousands of species of beautiful underwater, coral reefs are also colorful. Blessed, because this country offers many locations for diving enthusiasts.

In Indonesia, the divers from around the world will find the opportunity to enjoy all the beauty beneath the sea which has a unique and individual characteristics. Here is a list of 8 amazing dive sites that can be a reference for you, come and enjoy it Top 8 Most Beautiful Diving Locations in Indonesia!

1. Bintan Island, Riau Bintan Island is perhaps the island's most easily reached from outside Indonesia, because the distance is less than an hour of international city, Singapore. The island offers 18 miles of white beaches clean nan rich with marine life, and a variety of dive spots for you to enjoy and explore.
Not far from the northern coastline there is a spot with a depth of 8 meters flat base, a perfect spot for those who want to try scuba diving for the first time. Another site that is unique here is shipwreck debris, here you can explore the remains of an old tanker that sank in deep water.

2. Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu), Jakarta This unique area consisting of more than one hundred small islands, the place of choice for divers from Jakarta. From a variety of existing islands, the islands are more popular including the Great Kotok Island, Kotok Island Small, Coral Hunchback, Sepa Island and Island Pantara.
Thousand Island is very accessible, you can hire a speedboat from the Marina, or take a fishing boat from one of the existing pier in north Jakarta. About 1-2 hours drive from Jakarta, then you will be able to dive and fill your heart with joy. Some rather large islands provide better accommodation such as resorts and villas  but you have to hire a boat to visit the islands smaller - the beautiful reefs scattered.

3. Karimun Jawa, Central JavaAnother part of the Java Sea which is also a paradise for divers is an island across the sea - island Semarang, Central Java. This area, called Karimun Jawa, is a collection of 27 small islands surrounded by sea water which is rich with blue coral Acropora. Divers can explore the remains Indonour, an ancient merchant ship that sank in 1955. As a bonus, here you can visit the turtle hatchery center in park conservation.

4. Derawan, East Kalimantan Approximately 50 miles from Cape Redeb, the capital of Berau, there are areas in the form of small islands. This area is filled with spectacular coral and underwater caves to be explored . Derawan has more than 17 dive spots scattered in the area, each with its own unique attractions that could be an option. Some popular locations are in Charitable Island, and Kakaban Maratua.
In Charitable, you can find eagle rays, sting rays, cuttlefishes, and tiger sharks. This is also the place where the giant green egg laying, which you can see every night. The main attraction in Kakaban is 5 square meters "lake" filled with saltwater jellyfish and goby fish stingless. And finally, in Maratua, you will find a lot of large fish such as barracuda, tuna and mackerel. And also, based on the stories, often also found hammerhead shark sightings, as well as eight species of whales.

5. Komodo Island, FloresThe island is commonly associated with dragons, because the island is the ancient residence of the giant lizards. But in terms of scuba diving, this area is also host to several dive spot known as the best in the country. Sebayour of Small, Small and Middle Island Red Beach, a lot of the beauty that can be found here, such as mackerel, cod and grouper.
At Red Beach, not far from the beach you will find a spot spraying is filled with colorful fish. In addition, there are many dive sites on the west coast of Flores, as Tatawa Island, Small Tatawa Island, Rinca Island and the island of Nusa Node.

6. Nusa Penida, Nusa Penida Island Bali, which is located east of Bali, a popular dive spot among the local and international divers. About an hour's drive from Bali, the island has some beautiful coral reef species, with exceptional visibility, reaching 15 to 35 meters.
For starters, there are dive spot on the north coast of the island is more suitable to be explored. On the south coast, there are also Blue Corner  Nusa Lembongan and Gamat, for those who are more expert and want to find a challenge. Sun fish are often seen in Crystal Bay, while manta rays are often seen at Manta Point.

7. Bunaken, North Sulawesi. This dive site is the most famous place in the eyes of the world compared with the locations of the other dive. Bunaken consists of small islands like Sialdoen Island, Ganges, Mantehage, Nine and an old volcano in the middle of the sea, Manado Tua (Old Manado). Snorkeling and diving is an activity that is very popular, there were up to 16 dive spots spread over the islands in the area. Bunaken features a slope which is home to a variety of fish and marine life. Sharks are also frequently seen here, so beware.

8. Strait of Lembeh (Lembeh Straits), North Sulawesi Still in North Sulawesi, there is another location that is an icon of world diving, Lembeh Strait. This dive site is internationally renowned for the diversity of underwater life, lots of uniqueness that can be found here. Here you can find octopus, tiny seahorses, cuttlefish, frogfish etc. Lembeh Strait is a paradise underwater photography, and is often called the "Mecca of Photography Under the Sea". But be careful, given the Lembeh Strait is only suitable for experienced divers.
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