Sakera and Marlena, Madura Island Unique Souvenir

Unique Souvenir from Madura East Java, Indonesia Sakera and Marlena,
When you visit the island of Madura, dont forget to buy the funny doll as the typical souvenirs, namely Sakera and Marlena.

Sakera and Marlena are the puppets of men and women who wear clothing typical of Madura. Shirt with red

If you are confused to buy typical Madura souvenirs, maybe these two cute doll may be an option. In addition to unique, Sakera and Marlena are also easily obtainable.

cute doll can easily be found. Typically, sellers set prices and Marlena Sakera pair at a price of Rp 60,000. However, these prices are not absolute or negotiable.

unique souvenir from Madura island
white trim, complete with shirt and black pants for Sakera and colorful red kebaya for Marlena is identical with this doll. To be sure, these dolls have just Madura!
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