About Kuda Lumping Show In Madura Indonesia

Kuda Lumping is also called "Jaran Kepang" or Jathilan is a traditional Javanese dance show was a group of soldiers on horseback. This dance is to use a horse made ??of woven bamboo and cut like the shape of a horse. Matting the horse is decorated with paint and colorful fabric.

Kuda Lumping dance usually only contain scenes of soldiers on horses, but some also presents the appearance of horses lumping attraction possessed, immune, and magical powers, like eating glass and attractions immunity against flogging whip. Jaran Kepang is part of reog dance performances. Although this dance originated from Java, Indonesia, this dance is also inherited by the Javanese who settled in Malaysia and Singapore.

Kuda Lumping  dance is an art that plays with the properties of artificial horses, made ??of woven bamboo or braid. None of the historical record to explain the origin of this dance, just a verbal history passed down from one generation to the next.
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